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About Us

Hi y'all, Tabz here. I wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you for stopping by. We really appreciate you. Time is precious and if you are reading this then you have given your time to our family venture and it means the world to us. We hope to be able to give back by serving your handmade crafts needs.♥ 

The Dragonfly Acres Crafts family is a family of many talents. We all have different hobbies and skill sets that put us in a unique place to serve many different markets. Do you need leatherwork or woodturning done? Ask my dad! Animal husbandry and livestock? That's my husband! Animal wrangling and basic farm skills? My son Kevan and daughter Piper, have you covered. My twins, Paige and Phoebe are fast improving their skills in sewing and jewelry making. (they also are both whizzes at special effect and glamour makeup). My youngest son, Lucas hopes to try his hand at blacksmithing just as soon as we find a place for him to build his forge.


As for me, I am a bit of a "jill-of-all-trades". I have been a graphic designer since 2008 creating everything from 3D digital art for prints to wedding invitations. Some of my other skills include; cold process soap, candles, perfumes, ceramics and pottery, traditional painting, sewing, gardening, and preserving. I am a published author of paranormal romance fiction and over fifty coloring books.

Meet the Fam! Just as soon as I can get them to stand still long enough for proper photos that is LOL

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