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Meet our pigs!

Dragonfly Acres is a truly working micro-farm. We are currently growing our family of Potbelly / American Guinea Hog / Kune Kune mix pigs. When we moved here, these piggies were running loose and being fed randomly by our neighbors. Unfortunately, they were not in the best of health being severely underfed and covered in sand fleas which caused them to lose most of their hair. They offered to help us catch them and give them a forever home. And that is just what we did! In the beginning, it was just Dumpling, Elvira, and little Lucifer. Soon they were joined by the twins, Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb. All have been given proper care, baths, and vet visits and are now thriving. Elvira has since given birth to five little bacon seeds courtesy of Dumpling and Dee Dee gave birth to five from Dumpling. We, unfortunately, lost one of them due to developmental issues. Bao and Juliette will be staying with us. Dee Dee and her brother, along with the other two babies were adopted by other farms. We wish them all well. Miss Juliette will be mated with Lucifer when they are old enough. Dumpling and Elvira are currently our only breeding pair.

Current prices are $75 for females and $50 for males. These pigs are technically considered "mini-pigs". This means that they are less than three feet tall and average between 75 and 200lbs. when fully mature at 2-3 years old. Pigs make wonderful pets due to their high intelligence and long lives. It is not uncommon for these pigs to be litter box trained when young and they can live up to 20 years. They love toys and need the same care, activity level, and attention as a large breed dog (such as working dogs like Malamutes) so please take this into consideration when deciding if pig adoption is right for you.

If you are interested in adoption, please use the contact form at the bottom of the website to let us know. We cannot "ship" these babies. We are willing to work out transportation or local pick up/delivery anywhere between Fort Smith and Russellville, AR.


Dumpling is a 3-year-old Kune Kune / American Guinea Hog Mix. He is mated with Elvira. He has the markings and long hair of the Kune Kune and the wide face and tusks of the AGH. He is your typical boar with a kingly attitude and loves his treats and a good scratching brush. We've also discovered that he loves to play with dog toys such as knotted ropes and red kickballs. 

Bao the Potbelly Pig

This sweet little chonk is our spokes pig, Bao Bao. Affectionately nicknamed Bean Bun by his Mimi and Baocefus by his Mom.

He is Julliet's baby brother and the runt of his litter. Their mother accidentally stepped on him during labor and cut his side pretty bad. Piper rushed him to the vet, but the prognosis wasn't good. We did not give up on him though. We had 3 weeks of sleepless nights, bottle feeding and bandage changing, but he pulled through.

However, by that time he was completely imprinted on Piper as "mom" so he could never go back to the barn with his sister. So he is a couch potato now. =)

I could write a whole page about this child, but suffice it to say he is highly intelligent, a sucker for belly rubs and the occasional Hershey's Kiss, and absolutely spoiled rotten.

Elvira and Julliet 2022 lr.jpg

Elvira is a 3-year-old Potbelly and AGH cross. She has a wonderfully sweet personality and is a very good mama.  She is our queen and she now takes care of our other little mamas until they are big enough to be mamas on their own.

Julliet is a Potbelly / Kune Kune mix and is Bao's sister. She is a bit of a wild child but she has a sweet temperament once she gets to know you. She also has blue eyes. It is more common in the larger breeds but very rare in Potbellies. We are hoping that she will carry the gene on to her children someday soon.


Lucifer is a Potbelly / Kune Kune mix. He has the long hair of his father but will be smaller like his mother, who was a white potbelly. Juliette will be his mate when they are both just a little bit older. 

♥The rest of our farm family♥

When we moved out onto our little piece of heaven here in central Arkansas, we never expected to be blessed with our farm family so quickly. We had planned to add goats, pigs, chickens, and possibly ducks and cows gradually over the next five years. Instead, we were given 5 pigs, 4 chickens, and 3 goats in the first 6 months. 

Our farm family has grown to currently include; 8 pigs, 16 chickens, 5 ducks, 5 goats, and 6 dogs. We are honestly loving every minute of the chaos. LOL

We have a new motto around here. "We can't save them all, but we'll save as many as we can."

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